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Questions? Please contact Beckmaze Historical Society President, Ron Strauss (Home)

Beckmaze Historical Society Needs Your Help

Beckmaze Historical Society was established to preserve West Michigan's most historical site dating back to 1834 with the erection of a saw mill and cabin. That cabin evolved into the residence that remains more than 175 years later. It was the home of a lumber baron and township supervisor named Egbert Dewey, then was the center point of Michigan's first artist colony called Beckmaze which in the early 1900s included two other homes adjacent to the site that also remain.

Afterward a well-known physician named Doc Wedgwood lived here for several years before it became a home for troubled youth, and has since been acquired by our society.

Our goal is to open the Dewey-Wedgwood Home at Beckmaze to the public so that the community can learn about our local history where it actually transpired. We need your help in the preservation effort in whatever form you are able to assist. Donations are tax deductible and can be sent to the address listed.

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For those interested in donating or have questions regarding this historic property may call (616) 245-8341or email :
Ron Strauss, President of Beckmaze Historical Society

Make your check payable to:

Beckmaze Historical Society
2551 Oaklane Dr. SW
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